Bike Across UK - Highlights Pt. 2

Day 8 Clitheroe - Carlisle (98 miles)

Highlight: Finding a Mcdonald's in Carlisle to shelter in after an entire day of freezing rain.

Day 9 Carlisle - Bothwell, Scotland (92 miles)

Highlight: Crossing into Scotland with only 350 miles to go!


Day 10 Bothwell - Killin (70 miles)

Highlight: Seeing the site of the famous Battle of Bannockburn in which the King of Scots, Robert the Bruce and a smaller Scottish army defeated the English king Edward II.

Lowlight: A member of our trio was run off the rainy road by an aggressive truck and in the process crashed headfirst into a telephone pole. Luckily, other than being a little bloody he was okay. Only an hour later though the same rider crashed into the back of a car which had suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. However, other than a few more bruises and cuts, he was okay.   

Day 11 Killin - Aviemore (95 miles)

Highlight: Seeing Scotland’s famous hairy cows for the first time!


Day 12 Aviemore - Invergordon (55 miles)

Highlight: Having to walk across Cromarty Bridge because our bikes were being blown off the sidewalk by crazy winds.

Day 13 Invergordon - Bettyhill (90 miles)

Highlight: Reaching the north coast and seeing the sea for the first time.


Day 14 Bettyhill - John O’Groats (50 miles)

Highlight: The entire day was great. With perfect, sunny weather we took our time riding along the coast towards the finish. And then to top off the whole journey, riding down the hill and right up to the finishing post at John O’Groats.


Total: 3 Countries. 1018 miles. 42 pints of ale. And a whole lot of smiles.