January 13: Day 30

Another Update: Oliver is set to finish in a few weeks thanks to an above average amount of bad weather which has helped to push him forwards (at the cost of increased discomfort). This one is more poetic than the last, sounds like he is really connecting to the water.

Day 30:
It's strange to think that I've only been out here for a month when it's felt like a lifetime. I'd like to think that time is passing so slowly because I'm getting the most out of every little moment. Though in the scheme of things I should be grateful for such uncharacteristcally fast weather conditions. Now that I'm more than halfway, Ive really tried to savor every amazing experience. The Atlantic is truly magnificient. It's hard to put into words the feeling of standing on a 3 foot high boat, surrouned by waves as big as buildings, crashing around you for as far as the eye can see--the saltiness of the ocean spray. Or the nights where the water is as flat as a mirror and the sky, littered with countless stars, makes it sparkle. But even completely surrouned by nature thousands of miles from land, I've still been reminded of mankind's impact on nature. Almost every day I've seen various pieces of trash drift by my boat. And when you consider the vastness of the Atlantic, the idea that I'm seeing this much garbage is frightening. Being witness to this is more moving than I would have even thought, making me more inspired than ever by the work of Oceana and others to save our oceans and clean our waters.