January 5th: Day 22

A note from Oliver's father:

As dedicated dotwatchers already know, earlier today Oliver stormed through the half way point and, as of 8pm UTC, had ‘only’ 1301 NM to go, having already rowed 1350 NM (which translates to 1553 actual miles travelled). He attributes his recent string of high mileage days to more time spent rowing, which he in turn attributed to his aversion to spending a lot of time in his living cabin, the current condition of which he describes, simply, as “disgusting”. He was gratified to reach the half way point but noted that the 1301NM remaining is a “long way to row”.
In the race up front, Swiss Mocean continues to close on the front runners, now just 19NM behind Team Antigua and 60NM behind the Four Oarsmen. Notably, both of the front two have significantly increased their mileage in the past 24 hours but remain a little behind the torrid pace of the Swiss. It is as if the front two hear foot steps and, indeed, I am sure they have heard from their teams that the Swiss are coming on. I am curious as to how these three teams are going to handle the remaining 8-9 day “sprint” to the finish - do they go to 3 on the oars/24 hours day to the finish line which, obviously, is 18 hours of rowing each day for each man for more than a week? I am glad that I am not on any of those boats. 
Tonight Ollie called me very briefly to ask my advice about his course as he fixed his rudder for the night. Have shifted a couple days ago to a “due west” course he was wondering whether he should go back to a more southerly setting. I, of course, had no clue as to what the right answer was so I reflexively reverted to “CEO mode” by saying something like “Ollie, I personally don’t have an informed opinion on that but I have people who do...” Those people being you - specifically, the sailors and other maritime types who have taken an interest in Oliver’s journey - if you have informed advice on his proper course at this point, please let me know what it is so I can pass it on to him!