January 18 - Day 35

Day 35

 Around lunch time I was rowing when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw something come out of the water. By the time I turned it was gone I thought I had just imagined it when two dolphins popped up again right next to my boat! They only stuck around for a little before swimming off but it defintely made my day. Things have been going really well despite the winds dying down. It rains everymorning which is actually a nice way of starting the day because the showers always leave behind massive double rainbows. But then it gets incredibly hot. At this point I'm nearly a thousands mile south of where I started so the weather is a lot warmer. It makes the rowing shifts tortourous but at least I'm getting a tan (I don't really have a choice on this one because I lost my only three shirts doing laundry). On a slightly darker side, I saw an orange life preserver float by the other day which I hope was just accidentally blown off a ship. Nevertheless it still reminded me that even as I enjoy my time out here it's not any less dangerous and I can't get too comfortable.