The Boat

SS4 is a custom built 23 foot ocean rowing boat. It has been outfitted with three solar panels which power a desalinator (watermaker), a VHF radio, and other navigational systems. It has two small, watertight cabins--one for the watermaker and one for sleeping and holing up during heavy storms. To complete this complex array of marine technology, my ocean rowing toilet will be a sturdy bucket from home depot. 

Me & SS4 pictured in Dartmouth Harbor, England.

Me & SS4 pictured in Dartmouth Harbor, England.

About Me

My name is Oliver Crane and I'm an 18 year old from Princeton, New Jersey. I am taking a gap year before attending Princeton University next year to pursue this project. I have rowed for the past four years for my high school crew team at the Peddie School and hope to row on the Princeton Men's Lightweight team. I have never rowed across an ocean though and am excited to take on this challenge to benefit Ocean and Homefront. 


Contact Info:

Email: FB: Oliver Crane Instagram: ocran3